What is a Tribe?

The word tribe means a group of people. There are lots of ways to think about tribes.

Your family is a tribe.

You and the boys and girls in your class are a tribe.

Your school is a bigger tribe.

Your town or city is even a bigger tribe.

Together, all the people in the whole wide world make up the BIGGEST tribe of all ~the HUMAN~ tribe!

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There are all kinds of tribes too and we all can look and dress in our own special way.

In the Jangala, we love that we all look different and we see how special that is.

We like that we all look different and we get to learn about each other.

Some things we do and have are the same too. Can you think of some things?

There is one BIG BIG BIG thing that is more important than the way we look and it something that we all have that is the same—our hearts!

In the Jangala, we live, grow and learn from our hearts in one big tribe!

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