Say hello to Bella!

She is an amazing Jangala Tribal Warrior and our leader of kindness and caring.

Bella is so rich inside her heart, mind and body—the grownups call it Inner Wealth™. She loves to do kind and caring things in the Jangala to anyone who needs special care to help them feel better on the inside. Bella hopes she can help them smile and feel happy.

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Bella and her butterfly friends fly all over the entire Jangala to see who is hurt, or sick, or even sad. They do special things to show kindness and care. Bella teaches everyone in the Jangala how to find and use their special power for kindness and caring.

She really knows how it feels and that gives her a special power in her heart to see how others feel on the inside. One day, her beautiful butterfly wings felt like they were broken. She couldn’t fly. She was so scared and it hurt super bad! Her Mommy took her to the doctor to get her some help and they helped her to feel better. Ever since that day, Bella works super hard to help in any way she can to everyone and everything in the Jangala. By sharing her special power, it even helps her to feel better and keeps her wings strong so she can keep flying.

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We hope you join Bella and the Jangala Kids’ Kindness & Caring Club.

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