Kindness and Caring Club

Our Kindness and Caring Leaders are Bella Masullo and her Mommy, Connie Masullo.

Who can join?

All kids of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages (we need big kids and grown-ups too. This is a Community Wealth Project.). This means YOU! The whole human tribe.

How much does it cost?

The cost to join our online club is to be a kid who promises to be kind and caring.

Membership Packages
Membership Levels Free Membership Sherita’s Way Shakti’s Heart Power Jangala Social Wealth Enterprise
Join us for Kindness & Caring Projects in your family, school and neighborhood.
Participate in our contests.
Share your ideas
Tribal Warriors Patch - (You will receive 2!)
Jangala Tribal Warriors: Living, Learning & Growing from the Heart Children’s Book & The Facilitator’s Guide. - -
Jangala Tribal Warriors: A World Full of Greatness Children’s Book & The Facilitator’s Guide. New Release 2017 - -
Value Priceless $50 Special Price: $40 $50 Special Price: $40 $100 Special Price $75

***All memberships require a story of kindness of caring to join with a picture.

  • You can write, send a video or audio with your story!

Jangala Kids are working to help groups get started and

we hope you can help!

Ask us how you can start your own group in your school, or neighborhood.


If you can give a donation for our projects, that would be great.

We also need these kinds of donations:

Volunteering your time & help

Your ideas

Selling our products to raise funds

New & Gently Played With Toys/Children’s Items

Supplies for our projects

To make a financial donation

What are our projects?

So far, we have all been donating our time to create, develop and to spread the word about the Jangala Kids program. Check out our amazing volunteers here!

Finding kind and caring things to do for people, animals, and our environment. Click here to see all the good causes and people that Bella and her family have helped

Project Jangala: Jangala is a program/book series of important messages that help children learn early in life the meaning of:

  • Positive & healthy negative emotions
  • Being engaged in activities that increase happiness
  • Positive relationships
  • Having a sense of meaning and purpose in life
  • Accomplishing and achieving personal, family and community goals
  • Caring about other people and causes
  • Caring for themselves and their environment

Work on our annual JangalaFest project to spread to communities.

Make products to sell to raise money to help our causes.


10% of the royalties from the book sales is given to the Children’s Success Foundation to promote the teaching and training of the Nurtured Heart Approach®.

Click here for our 2018 Calendar of Kindness & Caring Event!

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