Working with this group of children at our local Family Support Organization was a wonderful experience. The facilitators guide was an excellent resource to me as I led the children through our journey in Jangala.   As a MSW intern tasked with facilitating this group that included children with a variety of ages, developmental stages, strengths and needs, the guide helped me keep on track and stay true to the core fundamentals of the program.  Although the nature of the group did not allow me to see the same children each week, the Jangala concepts were easily implemented with each group of children and we were able to stay on task and nurture their greatness each week.  The displays of positive energy amongst the children and the group leaders were apparent as we worked through the group.  The children ended each session with focus and clarity.  The group was able to reset themselves when needed using the stop, think and do concepts discussed in the guide.  The children connected with the story, the messages, strengths and character traits in the book.  I noticed my own confidence increasing each week as well. For example, my comfort in using active recognitions, experiential recognitions and proactive recognitions grew greatly through this process. The book and facilitator guides are excellent tools to use when working with our school aged children and the “you tube” videos by the author describing the core concepts also helped prepare me for leading the group.

Seana Murphy-Polglaze

MSW student/intern, Rutgers University

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