What is Jangala?

This word comes from the land of India. It is almost the same as jungle. In India, there are rainforests.

A rainforest is a place where it is very hot and it rains a lot of the time. Many green trees, plants, and flowers grow very well in a rainforest. They are all very important to our planet. Many animals, bugs, and people live there too. It is very important to take care of the rainforest and to protect it.

Jangala is like your home, school and neighborhood. We want you to remember to take very good care of your Jangala.

We have some sad news and we need your help. We want you to learn more about rainforests too.  Rainforests are not safe. Ask your teacher or someone in your family to help you learn more. Tell other people to help them learn too. Together we can help save the rainforests.

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