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One of Our Warriors Needs Your Help

Here’s how you can help:

We invite you to accept the Kindness and Caring Challenge


We care about individuals and families impacted by arthritis. In preparation for the 2018 Walk to Cure Arthritis on May 5th, 2018, we are calling upon our tribe to raise awareness and support for our brothers and sisters living with arthritis.

Here’s how you can help:


Accept the Kindness and Caring Challenge, donate to the cause, and invite five of your friends and families to do the same.

Upon accepting the challenge, you have 48 hours to complete one kind and caring deed for someone else and donate the corresponding amount to the Walk to Cure Arthritis.

Examples of good deeds include:

  • A video of you holding the door for someone at the grocery store.
  • A story about how you helped a lost animal find their home.
  • A comic strip about how you comforted a classmate or friend when they were sad by making them laugh.

Please take a video during, write a story after, or come up with some other creative and cool way to share your kind act with us at Jangala@SherryBlairInstitute.com

We will feature your good deeds on our website or affiliates*.

Once you have completed the challenge, find where your kind and caring deed falls on the chart below. Although every act of kindness is PRICELESS, your donation will help children and grown-ups living with arthritis. We ask that you donate the corresponding amount to your good deed to the Walk to Cure Arthritis.

  • Family Kindness: $5.00
  • School Kindness: $10.00
  • Neighborhood Kindness $15.00
  • Planet & Animal Kindness $20.00
  • SUPER GENEROUS $100.00+++

Finally, we ask that you invite others to accept the Kindness and Caring Challenge.

  • Send the call to five friends and family, spreading kindness and caring far and wide.

*By sharing your act of Kindness and Caring, you agree that Sherry Blair Institute may publish your submission on our website or affiliated pages.

We would love to see you doing the Kindness and Caring Challenge!

Share your video on our Facebook Page!

Thank you for your big heart and participation in support of arthritis warriors!


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