Jangala in Schools

We have lots of ideas for making your school or classroom a Jangala. We have found that many teachers make it even better with their brilliance and creativity.

Check out this bulletin board from a school in Hoboken, NJ!

Why not have a Jangala Day like this school in Newark, NJ making it a field trip with a story hour and an activity for the Jangala Kids to take home and share with their families?

Schools can have the children be actors in a school play that shows how Jangala Kids live, grow and learn from their hearts!

Sherry has a big dream that Jangala will be on Broadway one day like Lion King!

Educators can use the activities from the Facilitator’s Guide right in the classroom for character building and bullying prevention. 

Music educators can teach the children the Jangala Tribe song that is a part of A World Full of Greatness.

Check back soon as it is soon to be releasedThe karaoke version will be available too.

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