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Neil Nayyar is the “Youngest person to play the maximum musical instruments”

At 12 years of age, Neil Nayyar from Elk Grove, California who is in 7th grade, holds the Assist World Records Research Foundation’s title for “Youngest person to play the maximum musical instruments”. His goal is to play 100 instruments before he turns 13 years old! His parents believe this journey began even before he was born. They credit playing Mozart for him while he was in the womb as the catalyst for his talent. Neil Nayyar’s parents say they first realized their son’s musical talent when he was five years old and they signed him up for a summer camp to learn drums.Within minutes, he was playing drums like professionals. From there, Neil began taking lessons to play piano, guitar, and then flute. Today, Neil takes music lessons from 12 music teachers. Seven are local and five provide instruction through classes through Skype weekly from India, China and Italy.

Currently, Neil plays traditional String/Bow, Percussion,Wind and Brass instruments as well as more culturally based instruments popular in Chinese, Arabic, Hindustani, Carnatic and Bollywood styles of music.
Neil spends 6 hours a day practicing his wide range of instruments. Neil says,”Practice is a must for any musician” even after they have mastered an instrument. Watching professional musicians play helps keep Neil motivated to practice all of his own instruments. Favorite musical genres include: Pop/Rock, Jazz, Classical and Bollywood.
Recently, He auditioned for Steve Harvey show and America’s Got Talent show. Neil does find time to do lots of other things like, gymnastic, martial arts and various kinds of dance like Breakdance, Hip hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tahitian and Bollywood dance. He is Fan of Salman Khan and loves to watch their movies.

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